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Telesteps Adjustable Safety Feet For Prime and Rescue Line

No matter where you're putting your ladder, you'll have full contact with the ground when you use our safety feet.

  A ladder must always be level to be safe to use. However, there are many occasions when you need to use a ladder when the ground is sloping, uneven or there are level differences. For your safety, we created the Adjustable Safety Feet. With our Adjustable Safety Feet assembled on the ladder, you can adjust the ladder-feet to set your ladder level and always feel safe when working. The Adjustable Safety Foowith its unique inbuilt Ball Joint design makes a safe and steady grip possible. The big rubber plates ensure extraordinary friction and touching ground in all circumstances. The Adjustable Safety Feet may also be supplemented with our Ground Spikes for extra good grip in muddy, snowy or icy environments. Our innovative Adjustable Safety Feet are loved by many Telesteps customers and continue to inspire our team at Telesteps to take innovation one step further. Nothing should stand in the way of a safe quality ladder, regardless of its working environment.

Telesteps Combi Line Telescopic Combination ladder

Leaning Ladder. Free Standing Ladder. Combination Ladder.
When you need to stand on the ladder for longer periods of time, where ergonomics is of importance for maximum comfort and safety - The combi ladder is the right friend for the job!

Many ladders in one.

Telesteps Prime Line Telescopic Ladder

The most powerful telescopic ladder yet. Prime is the first telescopic ladder with a triangular tube design, making the ladder torsionally rigid and stronger than ever before. The ladder is designed be used in 75 degrees leaning angle and with the wide, angled and grooved steps that are horizontal with the ground also mean that you can feel safe at all times.
With Prime we took everything we know about designing
quality ladders and embarked on a new era.
This is where safety, quality and design meets.

Telesteps Solid Line Telescopic platform

The Sturdiest surface since the ground

The solid platform can be adjusted to the ideal height fitting all your needs. It is small and compact for storage as well as transportation and with its telescopic function the platform is perfect for narrow spaces. Our new upgraded version has a reinforced framework which makes it even more stable and torsional rigid.A simple & safe locking system, wide steps for a comfortable experience and a built-in handle for easy carrying combined do result in a perfect work tool which is designed for tough work environments.The ideal platform for people working on the same area over a long period of time. The Steadiest and Most Agile Platform You Will Ever Use

Telesteps Loft Line Telescopic Loft Ladder

  • The smartest loft (attic) ladder on the market
  • Easy to install and use
  • Wide steps – Safe and comfortable
  • Friction profiles on steps to minimise risk of slipping
  • Made of high quality anodised aluminium with glass fibre reinforced plastic fittings
  • Under 10 seconds you access the loft (attic)
  • For home- and professional use
  • EN & SP (RISE) certified
  • Made in Sweden. Proudly

Telesteps Rescue Line Telescopic Ladder

Rescue is on its way.

Telesteps Rescue Line is the first telescopic ladder in the world where 3 people can use the ladder at the same time. It is the 2nd generation with the revolutionary triangular tube design. This makes the ladder stronger and more torsionally rigid than ever before. When Telesteps created the Rescue ladder it needed to consider the change in environments for rescue personnel worldwide. The Rescue is specifically designed for these purposes. The Rescue is certified according to the European norm EN 1147, specifically designed for fire- and rescue workers, which is one of the hardest certifications to obtain for a telescopic ladder. This means it can handle loads up to 500 kg or 3 people.