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Murdoch Hymer Partner


Our ladders consist mainly of aluminium profiles. To make a ladder, profiles must first be purchased. That is the responsibility of our Purchasing department.

Aluminium casting works supply bar profiles for stiles and rungs manufactured to HYMER specifications – all in all about 4,800 metric tons of aluminium a year. By comparison, a ladder contains on average about 15 kg aluminium.

Incoming goods

Our employees in Incoming Goods receive deliveries of profiles and store them until they are needed to make the ladders. Then nothing stands in the way of Production any more.


Stiles and rungs are joined to form ladder parts in a fully automated process. However, the final assembly of add-on parts such as hinges or feet still requires real craftsmanship. The constant level of high quality is ensured by our internal Quality Assurance and by inspections conducted by external test institutes.

Storage and Sales

Once assembly is completed, our ladders are placed in storage. About 12,000 ladders on average await sale or collection. Our stocks revolve about every 3 weeks. The systematic stock management system means that all items in our catalogue are quickly available at any time. 98% of all orders leave our factory in the quantity and at the delivery time requested by customers.


When a HYMER ladder is ordered, our hard-working shipping assistants come into play. They pack and load the goods safely so that our customers are soon proud owners of a new HYMER ladder.

By the way, our profile ladders with the red stripe have been made exclusively at the Wangen location for the past 60 years. This is how we guarantee a constant level of high quality “Made in Germany”.