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EN 14122-4 Hymer Fixed Vertical Ladders For Safe Access to Machinery

Flexible, easy-to-install and manufactured to EN 14122-44, our modular fixed ladder system offers an unrivalled number of design options. So no matter what obstacles you face, we have the ladder solution for you.

In a hurry? The modular system means parts are quick to ship out and easy to assemble on site.

Below is a list of standard sizes kept in stock. If you require a custom solution, contact our project team for further information.

End Cap For Hymer Fixed Vertical Ladders

Ribbed plug / end cap for aluminium ladder sections 60x25mm stile dimensions

Hymer 2272 Safety Cage brace

3.19m length strap for bracing the safety cage hoops. 5 required to complete a cage system

Hymer 50139 210mm Wall Bracket for Fixed Ladders

Standard wall hook for aluminium ladder sections 210mm stand off  

Hymer 51572 172mm-300mm Wall Bracket for Fixed Ladders

Adjustable wall hook steel for aluminium ladder sections

Hymer 51600 / 54051 / 54050 Safety Cage Hoop

Includes fixings.Hammer head bolts for safety cage braces preassembled

Hymer 52315 Retractable Bottom Access Ladder for Fixed Ladders

Ladder section can be released with the aid of a rope-pull from below. Not permitted for escape ladders to DIN

Hymer 53291 / 53292 Straight Handrail Section

Aluminium access aid for the top of the access ladder. Available in narrow/wide width

Hymer 53298 Wide Exit including step for Fixed Ladders

Exit step 150 mm. Self-closing barrier with handrail, knee rail and toeboard. Opening to left. Opening to right available on

Hymer 5333 Guardrail for exit

Wide guardrails for the top of the vertical ladder exit