About Triple Extension Ladders

Our triple extension ladders are designed to meet the toughest jobs when working at height, offering a secure and flexible access solution for trade and professional applications. Its three interconnected ladders can be quickly erected and retracted back into a compact position, allowing for easy adjustment when working at height and providing versatility. Durable stiles and comfortable anti-slip D shaped rungs made from high quality aluminium makes the ladder extremely strong but lightweight.

What sets the Murdoch D max triple extension ladder apart, is its ingenious retractable stabilising bar, which has been designed for the bar to be shortened for easier transport and storage .

All our ladders comply to the EN131 Professional standard and comes with a ten year warranty.

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Murdoch GRP Triple Fibreglass Extension Ladder

The Murdoch GRP triple fibreglass extension ladder is an industrial quality ladder manufactured from fibreglass to the highest standards. Conforming to EN131 professional for your assurance on quality and safety.
Lighting collar accessory available as a retrofit item.

Available the following as special order:
1. Rope operated
2. 30% lighter with a carbon channel running through the GRP stiles
Contact us for details

Murdoch Dmax Triple Extension Ladder With Deployable Stabiliser Bar

The Dmax 3 part extension ladder is a light weight and robust D rung ladder.
It boasts a comfortable 39mm rung depth D rung. The deployable stabiliser bar makes transport easier than ever!
The robust stile guide fittings ensure durability. The Dmax carries a 10 year guarantee and EN131 Professional certification

Krause Square Rung Triple Extension Ladder

Versatile and lightweight, Krause Triple Extension ladder can be used as a leaning ladder, single ladder, and free standing ladder. Incredibly quick to set up, it can be easily carried between jobs making it ideal for most jobs. Certified to EN131 Professional

Hymer 70061 Rope Operated Triple Extension Ladder

  • 30mm treads for safe and comfortable working on ladders
  • Ladder internal width 300mm
  • Durable stiles of high quality extruded profile
  • Solid stile guide fittings made of steel
  • All sizes come with wall wheels for easy erection
  • All sizes come with stabiliser bar
  • Non-slip end caps
  • Load rating 150kg
  • EN131 professional