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Hymer 8058 Hook On Shelf Ladder With Treads and Handrail

  • Leaning stairs with handrail on both sides.
  •  Ladder width 500 mm.
  •  Step depth 80 mm and step distance 230 mm.
  • Suspension hooks Ø 30 mm.

Hymer 6092 Hookable Extension Ladder

  • Ideal for hooking into shelves
  •  Ladder extendable in 250 mm steps.
  • Variably extendable handrails with quick lock.
  • Convenient inner width of the ladder 500 mm.
  • Comfortable, wide rungs with 45 mm rung depth
  •  Solid locking devices with steel core for height adjustment
  •  Incl. hook set (Ø 60 mm).
  • Note - This ladder is not EN131 and only designed to hook onto structures

Hymer 8612 Hook On Shelf Ladder With Treads

  • Ideal for industry and warehouses.
  •  Strengthened steps with 80 mm step depth.
  • Front step edges flush with stile.
  •  Incl. hook set (Ø 30 mm).
  •  Ladder feet screwed to the stile, easily replaceable and with large bearing surface.