About Double Sided Step Ladders

Introducing our collection of double sided step ladders, possibly the widest choice available in the UK. These versatile steps are designed to ensure easy access and meet your specific needs, we offer a standard range of options from 3 to 8 tread which can all be delivered next day but can offer any size up to 18 treads.

We offer a diverse range of materials to cater to your specific needs. Aluminium, is extremely lightweight and robust and does not rust, this is our primary choice, ideal for most applications. Additionally, we provide timber steps without any finish, offering an eco-friendly alternative for your tool kit. These timber step ladders embody sustainability while providing reliable functionality.

At the core of our product line is a selection of robust and super-strong frames that remain remarkably lightweight. With a maximum load and duty rating of 150kgs, our double sided step ladders provide exceptional stability and reliability.

Our collection of ladder products, are from Europe’s largest access brands Krause, Hymer, and we also offer our own brand label, which all meet the highest industry standards and conform to the EN131 professional standard, ensuring their reliability and safety.

Our products

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Krause Stabilo Wooden Step Ladder

The 1702 timber step ladder range from Krause has been designed in Germany and allow the user to access heights from both sides of the step. Wooden step ladders are robust, hard wearing and will withstand heavy duty use. Featuring multiple screwed steel hinges, hardwood rungs with high strength mortice and tenon joints, and a spread lock chain means a strong and secure ladder. The wood is of a natural finish for an environmentally friendly product.

Hymer 3923 Double-Sided Accessible Rung Ladder

  • Non-slip, ribbed rungs.
  • 100% metal-free. All components made of (glass fibre) plastic.
  • Particularly suitable for the chemical, electrical and food industries.
  • Equipped with comfort rungs from the third to the sixth rung from above.
  • High-strength perlon straps provide reliable safety strut.

Hymer 3924 Fiberglass Step Ladder

  • Ergonomic working on 88 mm step depth.
  • 100% metal-free. All components made of (glass fibre) plastic.
  • Particularly suitable for the chemical, electrical and food industries.
  • High-strength perlon straps provide reliable safety strut.

Hymer 4024 Anodised Double Sided Step Ladder

The Hymer 4024 double sides step ladder is perfect for jobs in small spaces. No requirement to struggle to reposition ladder, just use both sides.
Anodised aluminium for clean hand usage. The 4024 series is equipped with anti-splay perlon straps and has an 80mm tread depth

Hymer 71410 Double Sided Wooden Stepladder

Hymer Wooden Stepladder Features: Thick 65mm stiles ensure high stability High quality stile/rung connection with two finger mortise joint Rungs

Hymer 8024 Heavy Duty Double Sided Step Ladder

  • Extremely sturdy design, ideal for industry and construction.
  •  Strengthened steps with 80 mm step depth.
  • Front step edges flush with stile.
  •  Solid hinges made of high-quality cast aluminium (easily replaceable)
  •  Spreader lock provided by high-strength 30 mm wide perlon straps
  •  Sturdy reinforcement braces on first step.
  •  Ladder feet screwed to the stile, easily replaceable

Krause Stabilo Double Sided Step ladder

  • High-strength screwed aluminium hinges
  • High-strength flanged step/side rail connections
  • Weather resistant screwed-on webbing straps sown into metal
  • Profiled, reinforced D-steps, 80 mm deep
  • Slip-resistant foot plugs (SafetyCap)

Krause Stabilo Professional Double Sided Step Ladder

Developed for professional use, this heavy-duty double-sided ladder with a load capacity of up to 225 kg offers the highest level of stability in daily, hard working use.

Krause Treppy Double Sided Step Stool

Compact and sturdy lightweight aluminium folding step with a large top platform Large 350 x 200 mm top platform for

Hymer 4123 Stairway Step Ladder

  •  Ideal for work on all stairway types and uneven surfaces.
  • Ladder variably extendable to any height thanks to foot extensions (2×1,000 mm, 2×370 mm).
  •  Conical design prevents tipping.
  •  Rolled profile rungs.
  •  Spreader lock provided by high-strength 25 mm wide perlon straps.
  • Patented locking device with brake shoes.