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Murdoch GRP Swingback Step Ladder

The Murdoch GRP swingback  steps are manufactured to withstand vigorous everyday usage. Carrying the EN131 professional label means that the product has been tested to withstand at least 50,000 uses. The fibreglass stiles makes this step your ideal partner when working around electricity. The spreader arm makes opening/closing of the stepladder simple, plus a heavy duty tool tray creates another user friendly touch.  

Hymer 4123 Stairway Step Ladder

  •  Ideal for work on all stairway types and uneven surfaces.
  • Ladder variably extendable to any height thanks to foot extensions (2×1,000 mm, 2×370 mm).
  •  Conical design prevents tipping.
  •  Rolled profile rungs.
  •  Spreader lock provided by high-strength 25 mm wide perlon straps.
  • Patented locking device with brake shoes.