About Tanker Ladders

Tanker ladders are specifically designed for accessing, servicing, repairing, filling and cleaning road tankers or any large vehicle with a roof designed to take the weight of a person such as large storage tanks, tanker trucks, and railcars. Covering a range of different industries including; the food industry, the chemical and petrochemical industries and on rail vehicles.

They are a vital tool in industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, transportation, and agriculture, where routine inspection, maintenance, and loading or unloading of bulk liquids are essential. A load rating of 150KG  delivers secure and comfortable access to workers. They enhance productivity, minimise the risk of accidents, and contribute to overall workplace safety.

From servicing to repairs, filling to cleaning, our range of tanker ladders features sturdy construction, adjustable heights, slip-resistant rungs, and robust safety mechanisms such as guardrails and safety cages, ensuring maximum user protection while working at elevated heights.

Our products

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Hymer 2280 Tanker Ladder

Safely and conveniently inspect and maintain tankers and tank trailers with our mobile, height adjustable Hymer 2280 tanker ladder.

The tried and tested design includes a wide stabiliser bar to the front, dual handrails for safe access, and an extra wide platform at the top. Design options include a circular, rectangular or extra wide safety cage.

Krause Stabilo Tanker Ladder

Krause Tanker Ladder. Free-standing and easy to move tanker ladder for accessing tankers for operating and inspection work.