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Telesteps – Made in sweden.Proudly

Telesteps. Made in Sweden. Proudly.

Telesteps – Made in Sweden. Proudly.

We are now ready to tell the world. We have moved our production of our telescopic ladders back to where it belongs….in Sweden.

We have built up a fully automatic production facility, in the deep forest of Sweden. There are huge benefits both to our customers but also change the environment impact saving a great deal of CO2 pollution.

With our dedicated team and a fully automatic production, every single ladder is a perfection of each component, which perfectly fit together. Just as a wristwatch. We are in full control of the production from the first piece of raw aluminum to a fully assembled ladder, and of course full traceability.

Based on our reliable Swedish production, we will deliver ladders to our customers at a speed as our customer requires. No waiting times in harbors, no more full packed warehouses. We are aiming for JIT.

To have the world’s first fully automatic production of telescoping ladders based in Sweden makes us in humbled way but proud.

Telesteps – the art of telescopic ladders