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HYMER develop, design and manufacture highly complex access systems according to your specific requirements. HYMER’s range of services goes far beyond the usual scope: Personal. Intelligent. Reliable. This is our motto. So it’s high time for you to take advantage of our customised solutions for your next project.

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Hymer 4047 Trade Combination Ladder

The Hymer 4047 series is the ultimate combination ladder. Can be used as a freestanding ladder, leaning ladder, extension ladder and stairway ladder (up to 3x10)
The simple locking mechanism allows easy assembly/disassembly.

Hymer 50378 Universal Folding Ladder Step

  •  Folding universal ladder step
  • For rung dimensions 30×30 mm.
  •  For ladders with an inner width of at least 290 mm.
  •  For rung spacing of 280 mm.
  • Safe standing on the ladder thanks to step surface located over the middle of the rung.
  • The fold-up step ensures safe ascent of the ladder. Step width 260 mm and step depth 250mm
  • Load rating 150kg

Hymer 50766 Adjustable Retrofit Stabiliser Bar

  • For stiles 60-100mm
  • Enhances the stability of the ladder.
  • Level compensation up to approx. 350 mm.
  • Infinitely adjustable.
  •  With swivelling steel spikes as standard, 70mm long
  •  Cross-beam width approx. 910 mm.
  • Self assembly, no tools required.

Hymer 54835 Suspension Set For Hook On Ladders

  • For ladders with mounted suspension hooks (suspension hooks not included in this set).
  • For suspension hooks with diameter 30 mm,35 mm, 60 mm or 100 mm.
  •  93 mm high connection plate.
  • Self assembly by using tools.
  • Comes as pair

Hymer 55324 Clip On Tread For Ladders

  • For safe and comfortable standing on the top section of ladders
  • For series 4046, 4047, 4011, 6046,6047
  • Self Asssembly
  • Includes Fixings

Hymer 70047 Three Part Combination Ladder

The Hymer 70047 series can be used as a freestanding ladder, leaning ladder, extension ladder.
The simple locking mechanism allows easy assembly/disassembly. The rigid safety bar prevents unintentional folding

Hymer 70247 Combination ladder Smart-Base®

Versatile, durable, with many innovative safety features. The Hymer 70247 can be used as a single, leaning and free-standing ladder and offers a comfortable climbing experience with its wide body, deep rungs, high-strength restraining straps and Smart-Base for stabilising the ladder on uneven ground.

Hymer 2280 Tanker Ladder

Safely and conveniently inspect and maintain tankers and tank trailers with our mobile, height adjustable Hymer 2280 tanker ladder.

The tried and tested design includes a wide stabiliser bar to the front, dual handrails for safe access, and an extra wide platform at the top. Design options include a circular, rectangular or extra wide safety cage.

Hymer 4011 Single Ladder

Features include: 30mm deep rungs Square rung Ladder internal width 300 Durable stiles of high quality extruded profile Stabiliser bar

Hymer 4024 Anodised Double Sided Step Ladder

The Hymer 4024 double sides step ladder is perfect for jobs in small spaces. No requirement to struggle to reposition ladder, just use both sides.
Anodised aluminium for clean hand usage. The 4024 series is equipped with anti-splay perlon straps and has an 80mm tread depth

Hymer 4026 Anodised Platform Step Ladder With Enclosed Tooltray

The Hymer 4026 series is the ultimate step ladder. With an anodised finish for clean hands and 'rung' connection treads, the 4026 series also boasts deep 80mm treads, spacious tool tray that closes, and extra large ladder shoes for high grip. The 4026 has an impressive 250x250 anti slip platform for safe working.

Hymer 4046 Double Extension Ladder

Features include: 30mm treads for safe and comfortable working on ladders Ladder internal width 300mm Durable stiles of high quality

Hymer 4104312 Multipurpose Folding ladder

Versatile, yet strong, the Hymer 41043 multipurpose ladder can be used in five different configurations. Comes with easy clip on standing platform

Hymer 4142 Telescopic Multi Function Ladder

The perfect combination of size and versatility, the 4142 is compact in size for easy storage and transport and yet offers working heights up to 7.2 metres. It can be used as a free-standing 'A frame' ladder, leaning ladder, and can even be used on stairs. The deployable outriggers helps secure the user while working at height