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Hymer 50378 Universal Folding Ladder Step

  •  Folding universal ladder step
  • For rung dimensions 30×30 mm.
  •  For ladders with an inner width of at least 290 mm.
  •  For rung spacing of 280 mm.
  • Safe standing on the ladder thanks to step surface located over the middle of the rung.
  • The fold-up step ensures safe ascent of the ladder. Step width 260 mm and step depth 250mm
  • Load rating 150kg

Hymer 50766 Adjustable Retrofit Stabiliser Bar

  • For stiles 60-100mm
  • Enhances the stability of the ladder.
  • Level compensation up to approx. 350 mm.
  • Infinitely adjustable.
  •  With swivelling steel spikes as standard, 70mm long
  •  Cross-beam width approx. 910 mm.
  • Self assembly, no tools required.

Hymer 54835 Suspension Set For Hook On Ladders

  • For ladders with mounted suspension hooks (suspension hooks not included in this set).
  • For suspension hooks with diameter 30 mm,35 mm, 60 mm or 100 mm.
  •  93 mm high connection plate.
  • Self assembly by using tools.
  • Comes as pair

Hymer 55324 Clip On Tread For Ladders

  • For safe and comfortable standing on the top section of ladders
  • For series 4046, 4047, 4011, 6046,6047
  • Self Asssembly
  • Includes Fixings

Lighting collar, chain and wheels for grp extension ladder

Lighting collar to be used with GRP extension ladders

Murdoch Roof Hook and Wheel Kit

Features include: Roof hook and wheel kit turns extension ladders into an effective roof ladder Fits most ladders Aluminium Frame

Murdoch Roof Rack Clamps (Pair)

Features include: Steel construction Easy to use Safe transport of ladders Reduces risk of theft

Murdoch V Shaped Ladder Stand Off

Features include: Can be used on flat surfaces, corners or straddle downpipes due to the V shaped design 250-400mm Wall

Telesteps Adjustable Safety Feet For Prime and Rescue Line

No matter where you're putting your ladder, you'll have full contact with the ground when you use our safety feet.

  A ladder must always be level to be safe to use. However, there are many occasions when you need to use a ladder when the ground is sloping, uneven or there are level differences. For your safety, we created the Adjustable Safety Feet. With our Adjustable Safety Feet assembled on the ladder, you can adjust the ladder-feet to set your ladder level and always feel safe when working. The Adjustable Safety Foowith its unique inbuilt Ball Joint design makes a safe and steady grip possible. The big rubber plates ensure extraordinary friction and touching ground in all circumstances. The Adjustable Safety Feet may also be supplemented with our Ground Spikes for extra good grip in muddy, snowy or icy environments. Our innovative Adjustable Safety Feet are loved by many Telesteps customers and continue to inspire our team at Telesteps to take innovation one step further. Nothing should stand in the way of a safe quality ladder, regardless of its working environment.

Hymer 51248 Adjustable Ladder Stand Off

  • Telescopic wall spacer for rung ladders
  • For rung dimensions 30×30 mm.
  •  For ladders with an inner width of at least 290 mm.
  •  For rung spacing of 280 mm.
  • Adjustable wall distance from 420 mm to 670 mm.
  • Upper holder width at least 680 mm, maximum 940 mm.
  • With anti-lift device.
  • With tray for tools.
  • Depth of tool tray 240 mm.
  • Maximum loading of tool tray 15 kg.
  • Can be fitted without tools

Hymer 51528 Gutter Clamps

  • Ladder holder set for gutters
  •  The ideal, low-cost accessory for secure fastening of ladders to gutters.
  • Can be used on all current types of ladders and stile profiles.
  • The plastic coating of the clamps protect the gutter against scratches and dents.
  • Self assembly, no tools required.
  • Contents: 2 holders incl. fastening material.

Hymer 517 Handrails For 6888+6889 Platforms

  • Stockers’ ladders 6888+6889 are ready for the handrail to be retrofitted.
  •  Handrail diameter 30 mm.
  •  Self assembly by using tools.
  • Incl. fastening material.