Ladder accessories from Murdoch International. Boost your ladders productivity

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Hymer 50378 Universal Folding Ladder Step

  •  Folding universal ladder step
  • For rung dimensions 30×30 mm.
  •  For ladders with an inner width of at least 290 mm.
  •  For rung spacing of 280 mm.
  • Safe standing on the ladder thanks to step surface located over the middle of the rung.
  • The fold-up step ensures safe ascent of the ladder. Step width 260 mm and step depth 250mm
  • Load rating 150kg

Hymer 50766 Adjustable Retrofit Stabiliser Bar

  • For stiles 60-100mm
  • Enhances the stability of the ladder.
  • Level compensation up to approx. 350 mm.
  • Infinitely adjustable.
  •  With swivelling steel spikes as standard, 70mm long
  •  Cross-beam width approx. 910 mm.
  • Self assembly, no tools required.

Hymer 51248 Adjustable Ladder Stand Off

  • Telescopic wall spacer for rung ladders
  • For rung dimensions 30×30 mm.
  •  For ladders with an inner width of at least 290 mm.
  •  For rung spacing of 280 mm.
  • Adjustable wall distance from 420 mm to 670 mm.
  • Upper holder width at least 680 mm, maximum 940 mm.
  • With anti-lift device.
  • With tray for tools.
  • Depth of tool tray 240 mm.
  • Maximum loading of tool tray 15 kg.
  • Can be fitted without tools

Hymer 51528 Gutter Clamps

  • Ladder holder set for gutters
  •  The ideal, low-cost accessory for secure fastening of ladders to gutters.
  • Can be used on all current types of ladders and stile profiles.
  • The plastic coating of the clamps protect the gutter against scratches and dents.
  • Self assembly, no tools required.
  • Contents: 2 holders incl. fastening material.

Hymer 517 Handrails For 6888+6889 Platforms

  • Stockers’ ladders 6888+6889 are ready for the handrail to be retrofitted.
  •  Handrail diameter 30 mm.
  •  Self assembly by using tools.
  • Incl. fastening material.

Hymer 51856 Adjustable Leg Pair For 6864 Work Platform

  • Adjustable leg pair for the 6864 work platform
  • Adjusts the 6864 from 0.58m up to 0.83m
  • Self Assembly

Hymer 54008 Bucket Hook

  • Bucket hook for square rung ladders
  • max loading 25kg

Hymer 5401 Suspension Hook Set

  •  For rung leaning ladders with stile dimensions from 60 mm to 83 mm.
  •  For step ladders (6012+8012 are prepared for retrofitting hooks).
  • Galvanised steel.
  •  Self assembly by using tools.
  •  Contents: 2 hooks incl. fastening material.

Hymer 5401 Wall Wheel Set

  • Self assembly by boring and using tools.
  • Contents: 2 wall rollers incl. fastening material.

Hymer 54030 Toolbag For Aluminium And Wooden Ladders

  • Made from high-quality cotton.
  •  Bag closed at the sides.
  • Self assembly by using hook-and-loop fastener.
  • Permissible load 5 kg.

Hymer 54448 Wheel Set For 6875+6884 Steps

  • Self assembly by using tools.
  • Contents: 2 castors

Hymer 54835 Suspension Set For Hook On Ladders

  • For ladders with mounted suspension hooks (suspension hooks not included in this set).
  • For suspension hooks with diameter 30 mm,35 mm, 60 mm or 100 mm.
  •  93 mm high connection plate.
  • Self assembly by using tools.
  • Comes as pair