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Hymer 7075 AGR Scaffold Tower

  •  Secure standing in every phase of assembly and dismantling
  •  With four stabilisers as standard from a reach height of 4.25 m.
  • From module 4 with bayonet stabiliser
  •  It is so quick and easy to twist the bayonet stabiliser into the bayonet coupling on the frame part and this can be assembled from the ground. In addition the bayonet stabiliser can be telescoped to adapt to all ground surfaces.
  •  Welded frame sections are robust and improve the stability of the tower, meaning that greater assembly heights can be achieved.
  • With height-adjustable, spindle mounted castors and are thus suited for all work, both interior and exterior.
  •  Permissible load: 200 kg/m² (2.0 kN/m²), according to tower group 3, EN 1004.

Hymer 70894 Folding Mobile Scaffold Tower

The Hymer 70894 folding mobile scaffold tower is a compact, robust and lightweight tower conforming to EN1004. Sold in module form, this allow you to extend the tower at a later stage if required. Made in Germany and features a 200KG/m3 load rating.