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Stand And Work Safely With Mobile Scaffold Towers By Murdoch International
Here you can discover the extensive range of scaffold towers by Murdoch International. We have DIY towers for home users and industrial EN1004-1:2020 towers for the professional user.

Mobile Scaffold Standards

The Murdoch professional towers all conform to EN1004-1:2020. Easily extend your scaffold platform height with us as most towers are purchased in kit form, or simply purchase the components required additionally at a later date.

Our products

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Hymer 70894 DIY Scaffold Platform Tower

The Hymer 70894 folding mobile scaffold tower is a compact, robust and lightweight tower conforming to EN1004. Sold in module form, this allow you to extend the tower at a later stage if required. Made in Germany and features a 200KG/m3 load rating.

Krause DIY Scaffold Tower

The Krause DIY Tower comes in 2 versions - 4m working height or 5m working height. Get closer to your work as the tower can reposition on its stabiliser bar and easy to move around on its tilt wheels. The 5m working height version comes with 2 tie ins, so you can tie to an eye bolt or secure surface for extra stability. It can even we used on stairways!

Krause ProTec XS Folding AGR Mobile Scaffold Tower

The Krause ProTec XS folding advanced guardrail mobile scaffold tower is a flexible and quick to build tower. Up to 45% decrease in build time compared to the standard 3T method, the tower doesn't save time, it increases safety. The AGR method allows you to install guardrails before the platform is placed, never needing to work on an unprotected platform. With platform length of 2m and platform heights of up to 9.7m, the ProTec XS is great for all jobs.

Krause Stabilo Mobile Scaffold Series 5500

Professional aluminium mobile scaffold with comfortable stair ascent and double work platform space.