Roof Edge protection

Our Roof Edge Protection systems are meticulously designed to meet your unique roofing requirements.

Regardless of your roof's material or layout, we provide cutting-edge solution that are easy to install. Our offerings include distinctive paint colours and finishes*, lightweight aluminium, and a subtle appearance. Moreover, it ensures no penetration of the roof membrane


Why choose our Roof Edge Protection?

Roof Edge Protection

Raising the roof for a better safety solution

Aestheticly Pleasing

Our offerings include distinctive paint colours and finishes*, lightweight aluminium, and a subtle appearance.

Simplified Design

The cost-effective and speedy installation of this product is facilitated by the straightforward design.

Efficient Service

Quick Turnaround times/ design and supply emphasise our commitment to provide a prompt and efficient service.

Why is roof edge protection important?

Roof edge protection is crucial to prevent falls from height, enhancing safety for personnel working on rooftops and minimising the risk of injuries or fatalities.

What is included in roof edge protection systems?

Typically, roof edge protection systems comprise guardrails and handrails designed to prevent personnel from falling over the edge of a building.

Are roof edge protection systems required by regulations?

Yes, many workplace safety regulations, including those from HSE, recommend or mandate the use of roof edge protection to ensure a safe working environment at height.

Building Regulations requires guarding to be provided where there are: Any stairs, ramps, floors (which form part of the building) and balconies and any roof to which people have access to and Any light well, basement area or similar sunken area connected to a building
Guarding such as edge protection must consist of at least two horizontal rails and have a minimum height of 1100mm. The loading criteria is taken from Euro Code 1 EN 1991-1-1 & its UK National Annex (PD 6688.1.1) and requires the guardrail to withstand a uniformly distributed load of 1.0kN per m2 and a point load of 0.5kN.
Can roof edge protection be installed on all types of roofs?

Roof edge protection systems are adaptable and designed to suit various roof types, such as flat, pitched, or industrial roofs. When it comes to specifying these systems, structural engineers play a pivotal role in ensuring both safety and structural integrity.

Structural engineers adhere to local building codes and safety standards, ensuring that the specified roof edge protection systems comply with regulations related to load-bearing capacities, materials, and installation methods. Compliance with these standards is crucial to guarantee the safety of workers and occupants.

How effective are roof edge protection systems in preventing accidents?

Roof edge protection, such as guardrails and handrails, is among the safest and most effective systems to prevent personnel from falling over the edge, significantly reducing the risk of injuries or fatalities.

Is it possible to customise roof edge protection systems for specific needs?

Yes, many roof edge protection systems can be customised to accommodate specific requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for different building structures and configurations.

Are there alternatives to roof edge protection systems?

While there are alternatives, roof edge protection systems are considered one of the safest and most cost-effective solutions for preventing falls from height.

Can roof edge protection systems be retrofitted on existing buildings?

Yes, many roof edge protection systems are designed to be retrofitted onto existing structures, providing enhanced safety without major modifications.

Do I need specialised training to use roof edge protection systems?

Generally, roof edge protection systems are designed for easy use without requiring specialised training. However, it's essential to follow proper guidelines and instructions.

How often should roof edge protection systems be inspected and maintained?

Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of roof edge protection systems. Follow manufacturer guidelines and schedule periodic checks to address any issues promptly.

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